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Our Styles

“Dancing is more than just moving body parts; it is a pathway of expressing your deepest inner thoughts.”

– Normani Kordei


Classical Ballet

The basis of all dance technique.

Ballet teaches poise, control, strength and flexibility. Stories are told through the aesthetics and artistry turning this into one beautiful art form.
Ballet is as old as history itself.



Is an adaptable entertainment style characterised by fast-paced, precise footwork, rhythmic innovation and freedom. Tap uses creative choreography in a variety of styles, time signatures and speeds, which allows the student to develop rhythm and musicality while increasing their technical ability.



Features sharp and highly stylised performances. Teaches dynamics and mastery of muscle groups through body isolations. Being a dance style that originates from the popular culture of the day, jazz is forever changing. While it is good to accommodate the latest trends there is much more to jazz dance.



Uses the body’s natural lines and energy to create expression. Contemporary dance echos it's heritage from modern dance and affirms the essential basis of balletic technique. Creative expression plays a large role in contemporary dance therefore freedom with musical accompaniment and style is encouraged.


At Lynn Fahey School of Dance, we teach the ADV Syllabus accross all styles.

ADV is a proudly Australian-based non-profit association, affiliated with the Registered Training Organisation ADi (Australian Dance Institute Pty Ltd). We are an ADV Associate School and as such teach their holistic dance training program 

“Students of Lynn Fahey School of Dance use their dance society syllabus technical examination results towards VET technical competencies (with gap training) contained within the CUA Certificates in Dance qualifications provided directly by Australian Dance institute RTO 91600”


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